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How to use Cedar Oil Blend to kill Bedbugs


"No Pesticides" Just Good Ole' Fashioned Bed Bug Killing Juice

Download these documents:

How to Check For Bed Bugs Like a Professional
SWCO's Bed Bug Protocol Checklist: How To Get Rig of Bed Bugs Naturally
These documents will tell you exactly what you need to do to find where the bedbugs are and start the process to get rid of them.

Click Here to get these documents (opens in a new window/tab)


Select which size of Cedar Oil Blend you need from the options below!

Put your computer mouse over the Buy Now button and select the size you need. 32oz bottles are adequate for small apartments, 1 gallon jug is good for homes (1500-2000 sq/ft) and the 4 gallon is a good start for landlords and property owners needing to treat multiple units.

Cedar Oil Blend
Use Cedar Oil Blend to eradicate the bugs that are infesting your kitchen, bath and bedroom and those places that they just won't leave. It can be sprayed on your bed, clothing drawers where the mites and bedbugs hide out. Keep away the fleas and ticks and spray it on your dog and cat. Click on the buy now button to select the size you want.

Cedar Oil Blend can be applied to all areas requiring a direct or indirect treatment by using any conventional trigger forced air or compression sprayer utilized for the application of solutions in a mist or liquid stream. Cedar Oil Blend will not stain. It can be used on all types' fabric, leather, wood, tile and cellulose materials. DO NOT APPLY TO PLANT LIFE. This product can be used on Human, Canine, Feline, Equine, Bovine and Poultry of all species. Safe to use on carpet, bedding, in cupboards and pantry areas or around food stuffs of any type. DO NOT DILUTE this product with any aqueous or hydrocarbon solvent.


Review the documents in step 1 and start doing what the documents ask you to do.

Start inspecting your home for bedbugs and use the checklist to help you start getting rid of bedbugs. Use the videos to the right to help you in your search for bedbugs.

In the meantime, we will be shipping your Cedar Oil Blend PRIORITY so you have it as soon as your done completing the actions in Step 1.

Once you are done applying the Cedar Oil Blend, wait 24-48 hours and start re-inspecting to make sure you have killed those blood sucking creatures.